Before and After–Mint/Pink Buffet

This week was a whirl wind of change for my family….and we survived! As my husband went back to work, I shifted gears back into focusing solely on my kiddos until late into the evening. I was so used to this routine for so long, that painting at midnight was a total norm for me and I loved it, but secretly I enjoyed having him home so much! Β It was nice having the help. I stumbled across a blog or something on Facebook the other day that I feel like I was meant to see, do you ever feel like that happens to you? It was a woman explaining that a close friend of hers passed away from a sudden illness at 38. She went on to explain that it was a reminder to her that in all the chaos and craziness, the meltdowns and tantrums… how you process and deal with those hard situations is what really matters. I am nothing short of blessed to be able to stay home with my kids while they are young and do my dream job at the same time. With that being said, its hard….so hard. In every new situation I’ve learned to allow myself time to find my place, my comfort and keeping growing. You gotta roll with it, nothing is forever. So anyway….much to my surprise I finished a piece this week! I was more than excited and motivated to see this piece come to life. I’ve been wanting to try this sweet color combo for such a long time. When I was looking through Country Chic Paint colors, Refreshed (mint green) and Sweet Dreams (sort of a pinky orange) were exactly what I had in mind!…I just had to wait for the right piece, which happened to be easier than I thought. image image

This paint really does paint beautifully. The consistency is my favorite, it is so easy to work with. I have a few more projects lined up and have my eye on so many other colors…I’m so inspired by the choices. So with this piece I decided to do the Antique Wax over the body (Refreshed). The inside and sides of the top drawers are painted in Sweet Dreams and sealed with the clear top coat. I like an aged, rustic look on pieces like this, the dark wax looks really pretty with this color. image

And here she is all finished…. image image image image image image





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