Before and After–Driftwood Empire

The last few weeks have been full of summer days with two kiddos and lots and lots of painting. I haven’t been able to highlight each piece on here as much as I want to…but I promise to try harder to make time, especially when school starts! My oldest is starting Kindergarten in less than two weeks. Ekkk. So much anxiety in my house right now! I thought I was ready…but now all the fear is setting in. On the flip side, she is very ready and excited. I can find comfort in that right? Geesh. In the meantime Mike and I have been slowly redoing my sons room. If you follow me on Facebook or Instagram you probably saw this picture.


I had scored not one, but two amazing dressers for my little guys room. I always pictured a blue empire in that space, when I came across one…and then another, I ended up buying both. One was pretty spendy but the other was a steal! It evens out right? Both needed quite a bit of work. In fact the one on the left has a huge crack across the top and it was in 2 pieces. They are more than worth the work though. I ran a pole on Facebook to help me decide which to keep, I was so torn. My original plan was the one on the right, but after seeing them in person (and the help of the facebookers) we decided the one on the left was the one that will fit his space the best. So….I painted the other one Driftwood by Old Fashioned Milk Paint Co. It’s a great neutral that looks really pretty, nice and chippy. I did a light (very light) spray with Zinsser Shellac and didn’t sand at all. I purposely did not get full coverage with the spray shellac because I wanted a really chippy aged look, but I wanted some control. The pictures have a hard time showing it, but if you look closely you can see the pattern of the wood showing through the paint, in the photos it looks like paint color variation but in person it adds so much character to the patina.

image image image image image image


My talented husband Mike created this “open” sign marquee for a local shop in Tacoma, isn’t it cool? He comes up with some amazing designs, I’m so proud of him. πŸ™‚



11 thoughts on “Before and After–Driftwood Empire

  1. Hi! I have a real dopey question…what kind of paper do you use to line drawers? Wallpaper? Wrapping Paper? Contact paper?



    • Hi! I used the shellac before painting! It helps to adhere the milk paint but still allow some chipping. You can use it in place of a light sand. I like to only spray in some spots to get it really chippy in areas I missed. πŸ™‚ you would still need to seal the paint when you are finished painting. Hope that helps!

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