A moment of gratitude…and 2 new reveals!

Yesterday afternoon as my oldest daughter was at her 2nd day of Kindergarten, I had a moment of complete gratitude. I’m not going to lie, this summer was rough for our little family. We found ourselves stretching in ways that were tiresome, frustrating and just plain hard. It took a lot of paitence and strength to see it from another perspective. Sometimes when hard things in your life snow ball, it makes you feel defeated. But as the dust settled and we started putting the pieces back it made me feel  more than anything, thankful. I am in a place I could have never imaged a few years ago. I’m in a wonderful store with such a fantastic group of friends, that I love and value. My husband and kiddos are happy and healthy. My business is growing with a pretty amazing group of clients. But it’s not about counting my blessings as much as it is remembering how to allow yourself to be happy when it seems impossible.

image image

This is just what I am learning to do, and for that I am so grateful! Theres not enough room for anything else. Here’s a couple of custom pieces I worked on this past week and a half. The first piece is painted in Snow White by General Finishes. I love this paint so much! It has a smooth finish with a gorgeous sheen. The inside is a custom mix of Snow White and Sunglow.

image image image

This pink beauty was painted with Apron Strings by Miss Mustard Seed. This was so much fun to paint, this color is a surprising mix of pink and maybe even orange undertones. I sealed it with white wax to soften the hue, and love it both ways.

image image image image


Both of these pieces went to fantastic clients that were a joy to work with. I don’t do custom work to often but  I’ve been enjoying it so much lately. I might just keep it up! Tomorrow I pick up over 20 pieces of furniture! Hope you have a fantastic weekend!


Before and After–Aiden’s Blue Empire

I remember being fascinated with furniture even when I was little. Especially statement pieces. I always thought one day I would own a super awesome dresser with tons of character and bright color. Of course my “fascination” sorta spun into something I could have never imagined. Now I swap pieces out with color changes but secretly I am always looking for special pieces that fit my heart. I sold a yellow empire dresser last year that I wish I would have kept.


Since then I have been looking for something really unique to fit my sons room. I ended up finding two empires randomly one day and decided to buy both! In this business if you find a good piece…always take it, right?


I’m really glad I chose to keep the one on the left, it needed so much work. I didn’t even realize half of it before I started putting it back together. It was in 3 pieces to start, the tracking was missing in the top drawers, all the stoppers, there was a massive split in the top and overall it had some sway. :-/ after slowly…and I mean slowly fixing it between other projects, I was finally ready to paint. I wanted a navy of sorts to match my little guys room but went through 3 shades before settling on Soldier Blue by Old Fashioned Milk Paint Co. I loved the original wood pulls, so those were staying and I lined the drawers with grey and white houndstooth.




I have a custom white buffet I am finishing up today,another for the store and I pick up 18 pieces on Sunday! A lot of pieces found homes last week, I have a lot of painting to get going on! Just the way I like it!