A new year, new perspective , and a 2fer furniture reveal.

This year has been quite the wild ride, both personally and for my little business. Can I just say I am a little teensy bit excited to start 2015. There is something about a new year that is so refreshing. It gives you a reason to say…ok…. breathe, think, plan, organize, be better. Start again!  My next year is going to be exactly that. I am learning to breathe. To take a step back and realize I am my own worst critic… and in such a huge way.  I realized that I put a lot of weight and pressure on my shoulders without even noticing it. Its hard to admit you are less than perfect at parenting, marriage, friendship, and your job. I do believe that we grow and learn though. It is ok to make mistakes, take ownership and most importantly allow just a little grace. We can allow other people to own our motivation and self worth too… and that’s no good. Its exhausting, and hurtful .  I have so many goals for myself this year. I want to fine tune my art. Allow for more risk and push my skills. Keep growing as an artist, as a person, a mom, a wife and a friend. I spent the last few days organizing my finances with the business, updating inventory, bank accounts, taxes, ordering supplies and business cards etc. (I also bought a new buffer… more on that later!!) And today I played all day with my kiddos and husband at the children’s museum. If it was at all fair to them (or me ;)) I would wish that they would stay young forever because they are so much fun. As they ran throughout the place, yelling  and laughing like crazy, I felt the tiniest arms wrap themselves around my kneecaps. When I looked down I saw my youngest little guy and as he lifted his head to look at me he said (in his 3 year old,  over pronounced words) ” I love you MOM”, and then ran off to play. In all the crazy, it just made me melt.

Ok, you are probably ready for some furniture…on to what I think might be my first furniture makeover of the new year! Before I started I did a light sand with 150 grit and then smoothed with 400, I also sprayed a coat of shellac to block bleed through. Because I was painting this one a pretty light shade and the wood is mahogany I thought I would take the extra precaution considering the chances of bleed through are pretty high on a piece like this.


Awhile back I posted a picture of some fantastic paper I bought on Spoonflower. I knew I really wanted to use the deer print for this piece because I had ordered some stunning knobs to match. Originally I thought I would paint her with chippy light cream milk paint from Old Fashioned Milk Paint Co. But I didn’t order in time, and I have no patience. Plus I really wanted to design the whole piece around the paper. Its darling and I love when every detail goes together. I decided on Seagull Grey from General Finishes with a touch of Queenstown to give a little depth to the color. This paint is wonderful and paints very smooth with such great coverage.


I sealed her with 2 coats of Masion Blanche clear wax. If I use wax, this is my go-to. For real, its amazing. One of my resolutions was to work on my finishes. Especially with wax. I like a good shine and always appreciate it when I see a good finish. We are never done learning, and I would really like each piece to look and feel wonderful. I bought a Ryobi Buffer and can not say enough. I think it was about $25 at the hardware store and what a difference it makes. Seriously… go grab one.


Here she is all dressed up..


She is all ready for her new home and went up for sale this weekend! I thought I would add photos of this cute little desk that I did this weekend too because it is such unique piece with loads of detail. I am a little sad to see it go, it sat unpainted in my daughters room because she loved it. Then she got a dollhouse for Christmas and was ok with letting it go.

desk1 desk2 desk3

I cant even admit to you what I did to get this color.. you would laugh at me and discredit any painting related information I ever gave. All I can say it that it painted beautifully and gave a smooth finish. Maybe I have paint manufacturing in my future? I will say I sealed it with Masion Blanche dark wax and buffed with the new Ryobi buffer….

I hope you take time this new year to breathe, set goals, and grow. Most importantly just do your best, and let go of the pressure from you and everyone else!


8 thoughts on “A new year, new perspective , and a 2fer furniture reveal.

  1. Sounds like an amazing year ahead!

    I love your work, I’ve only recently found your blog and just love how you work in every little detail to make such beautiful pieces of furniture!

  2. Another beautiful piece well done! I think my aching arms are ready for a buffer as well :0) Finish is so important and is the difference between “home made” and professional. I like that you care about the quality of your work, some people just slap the paint on and go. Keep up your high standards as that is what will keep you successful :0)
    Have a great week!

    • Thank you so much! ..and yes you are so right. Finish is a huge part of what we do. I think that the prep and finish is sometimes more important than the paint we are using. A good painter can paint with anything! Although I still have my favorites! 😉 Go buy a buffer…let me know how you like it! Thanks again for the continued support! 🙂

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