Before and After–Blue/Grey Buffet

Let me start by saying that this piece was one of those pieces that was just easy from start to finish. I think sometimes we read blogs and see a beautiful painted piece of furniture and don’t really think twice about the road along the way. At one point my husband said to me… you should write a book on all of the REAL stuff that happens to furniture as you are painting it. Because most of the time its funny, a little crazy, frustrating but above all a journey! From having a buffet nearly fall off the back of my dads (borrowed) truck on the freeway, to leaving a piece in front of my fireplace to come back and find all the paint peeled off. Or the number of times my cat had laid on top of wet paint, my son pouring a gallon of my favorite latex paint into his lap.. oh and bleed through, the yellowing, and the VENEER! Man… every piece has some wild story before it gets to the final photo shoot of yumminess. The photos make it look easy. The “before” and “after” always make me smile. .. because you know there was a little more story and possible bad language somewhere between those shots. Anyway to bring me to my point, this piece was none of the above issues. Which, let me tell you was AMAZING. It came to me from less than 5 miles from my house. That within itself is a miracle. Here’s her before shot..

unnamed (9)

I chose a pretty light shade of milk paint by Old Fashioned Milk Paint Company in Slate. With milk paint you always have to be prepared to accept the unknown. Everything from the pigments dissolving nicely, to the magical chipping… everything fell into place with this lady. I ordered the most amazing crystal ball knobs to go with the whale print paper… for some reason they reminded me of the glass balls you can sometimes find on the beach.

10525821_398822026943656_679327982598463628_n 10842122_398822783610247_3861898818415682291_o 10384462_398822786943580_9135767461788108589_n

This piece to me feels  like it should go in a vacation home. It sold within a week or so after I brought it to the shop… just a good luck piece all around. I want more of those good luck pieces… I could get used to that, but then I wouldn’t have any ideas to add to my book.


12 thoughts on “Before and After–Blue/Grey Buffet

  1. Did you happen to treat the buffet with anything before the milk paint, and did you add any bonding agent? I’m so enamored with every single piece you do. 🙂

    • Hi Nicki! 🙂

      Thank you so much! This particular piece I did not do anything to the wood prior to painting. The woods finish was worn and pretty porous. Which means the milk paint would have no problems sticking in most places. I knew that I wanted to get a chippy finish anyway so I did not add the bonding agent. Honestly I very rarely use the bonding agent. Typically I will do a light sand and do a coat of shellac spray (which can act similar to a primer) if I am looking to control the paint or the wood has am existing finish. It will not provide full coverage in all cases but it does control the milk paint on those super shiny surfaces. The condition of the wood is the key before starting a project with milk paint. Hope that is helpful! 😉

      • Super helpful, and I really hope you give serious thought to that book! I can’t think of anything like that out there for people like me who are teaching themselves, mostly by trial and error, how to refinish pieces similar to yours. 🙂

      • I will definitely give it some thought! I have a hard enough time writing my blog, ha!… however I think its a really fun idea so I might have to start making some notes! 😉

  2. I love this piece (all your pieces are beautiful)! I love the color and the glass hardware! I also love the glass vases! I think the color would work well in our kitchen (we have bianco romano granite and a whitish/grayish glass tile backsplash). Where is this lovely item on display? Is it still available for purchase? I would love to see if its colors coordinate with my kitchen (I’ll bring samples)? If the colors aren’t quite right, do you do custom jobs?

    Thank you so much!

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