Oyster Grey Desk

This piece was a fun one to work on. I want to say I had this desk for over a year in my backstock. I had stacked it in the back and kinda forgot I had it. A few weeks ago I did a major “summer” clean in my studio and was instantly inspired when I say it again. I’m glad I saved it for the right time. The Real Milk Paint Co. Oyster Grey seemed to be an excellent choice. I’ve been kinda obsessed with their paint lately. I work with milk paint a lot and this one mixes really nicely and I love the coverage. I had some left over from the milk paint class I taught a few weeks prior and knew I loved the perfect cool grey hue. I don’t have a before of this piece but really all she needed was a good light sand and I used a spray Shellac to block the bleed through on the top. I always like to work up a little “design board” for myself to see how the paper and knobs will mesh with the paint colors. It gives me a visual of the project. 

I can’t even tell you how much I love this shade. It’s like my long lost grey soulmate. I’ve been searching for it my whole life. Ok… Maybe just a year or so. But it really is perfect. And I only needed two coats. Knobs are Anthropologie (on sale) their knobs are worth the splurge especially if they greatly impact the piece. Paper is Spoonflower artist: Leanne Hatch. 


I think the grey tones down the ornate details and kinda simplifies the overall design. I’m excited to paint with this color again… It’s such a good one! 

Introducing–Clementine Home

So many exciting things happening this year with this little business of mine and another amazing opportunity has presented itself in the last few weeks that I am so excited to share! I think most people know of my friend Alison from The Modern Cottage Company. Her style and innovative visions have become inspiration for so many designers, painters and everyday decorators. She grew her business from a home studio, to owning a shop in the gorgeous nook of North Tacoma. I first heard of Alison about 4 years ago (maybe?), I had found her blog and instantly felt like we had so much in common. About a year or so later I was asked to be in my first retail location. At the time, I didn’t have real plan of where my business would lead, I just knew I wanted to paint every. single. day. ….and I did just that. I found my style and passion through painting and started thinking and dreaming about where this would lead and what it really meant for me. I not only painted for the store, but I built my blog, social media, took on custom painting and sold from home. 

Months later in a very serendipitous way Alison and I were connected through the Tacoma shops. We chatted, I attended her Seattle opening and things just naturally took off in this amazing connection through design, vision, and friendship. When Alison opened MCC in the current North Tacoma location almost a year ago I remember sort of pinching myself. Painting had filled me up in ways that I never dreamed. Not only is the entire team exceptional artists but they are amazing people. I feel very lucky to be apart of such a supportive and loving team. I think Alison and I both knew that we needed to do something together and had flirted with a few collaborations and then a few weeks ago we were presented with this amazing opportunity. Things are now falling into place and we have decided to open a staging business called Clementine Home. We are partnering with a really awesome team and these projects will blow you away! Michelle from Blue Roof Cabin will be adding in her AMAZING upholstered creations as well!!  I can’t wait to share before and afters and some progress teasers.  Ferpie and Fray will still continue to grow in my own artisry. And Alison will still continue MCC in the same way. But now together we have Clementine Home to share with you! Staging is a huge passion for both of us in our own businesses and we are excited to bring it up a notch.  We have so many great ideas in the works, and hope you will follow along! 
Happy 4th!!