Simple white dresser.

Every Tuesday, Aiden and I drive to visit my grandparents. We take them to lunch and stop in to our regular two thrift stores to find treasures. Aiden usually gets a book or toy, while I hunt for furniture or whatever curious thing I can’t seem to live without. Last Tuesday I was really in a hunting mood! On the way to dropping my grandparents at home at the end of our date I decided to quickly run inside to And of course my grandma had a coupon… Of course. 

And there she was. How could I say no! 

Because she’s a bit more ornate, I wanted something simple. Plus I feel like I’m changing. My style in my home has become more bright, clean and I won’t go as far as saying “modern” but just more minimal. It feels good. I went with Snow White by General Finishes because it’s a great smooth, clean finish. That beautiful peach paper is Spoonflower. I can’t stop ordering. Thank god my “job” supports my addiction to paper because I think that’s my favorite part. Unless we are talking knobs…. These pretties are Anthro. I just love them.

I spray primed two coats to block bleed through, sanding between coats. Applied two coats of the GF Snow White and sealed with GF wax. Simple + Classic. 



A sweet rustic cabinet with great shoes…

With two small kids, time alone (even enough to finish a cup of coffee, or write a blog post) is few and far between. With summer approaching and today marking the last day of the school year that they are BOTH at school (for 2 hours) … I figured it was a great opportunity to write a post about my latest project. I am so excited about this particular transformation because I had it in my head from the moment I saw it.  This piece was actually sent to me by another painter in my area and for some reason I saw large casters, rustic grey milk paint and just couldn’t pass it up. When I pulled into the driveway and asked Mike to help me unload … he laughed… and I mean he actually laughed and said “well this will make a good before and after”. Challenge accepted.

I know right? super cute photo… this is the one that was sent to me … and I just couldn’t say no! I knew that I would be replacing the hardware, making some small repairs and using these amazing silver casters. I didn’t do any prep work other that taping, cleaning and vacuuming. I wanted this piece rustic… so I trusted the milk paint to do what it does best. I turned to Oyster Grey by Real Milk Paint Co. because it is honestly my favorite shade of light grey. Its perfect. I then sanded the drawers and trim well, while leaving the panels slightly less aged. Finally I sealed with Miss Mustard Seed wax… I find this to be my go to when painting over milk paint… I love how smooth and easy it is to apply… and it smells fantastic.


I will leave it brief today because my two hours are up! I hope you have a fun summer planned enjoying every minute.