Navy and Grey … for a new arrival.

Custom work is about 80% of my work load for sure. In the past years I have thought about limiting the amount of custom clients I take on… and I think I do that to a certain degree. For my mental health and also for my quality of work. But I have to say I enjoy bringing a vision to life. I feel like people that seek out a custom painted piece of furniture from me are looking for something really special for their home. I love being apart of that. It is sometimes much more work on my end design wise and hunting for the knobs and paper that they need to coordinate but in the end its always worth it. At this point in my journey, a lot of clients are seeking pieces I have already done or similar designs so I feel like I am still doing me… just tweaking the design a bit. I love the idea of living simple and small with pieces you really love. I am learning this even in my own home. Creating pieces that I will love forever.

With this particular project we were working together on a design for a new little baby boy. The new momma knew that she wanted navy and grey… so we pulled together some of my past pieces and came to the end with a navy highboy and a grey color block with navy bottom lowboy to match (but not match). The color block design was from a orange and grey piece I did a couple months back…


And here is the new grey and navy….



I used this adorable truck paper…  I didn’t have a  lot so the top drawer is actually old maps  (that also match the paper I used for the highboy).


And the matching but not matching highboy…




This client was a lot of fun. Mike and I met her husband to drop off the pieces last night and they are just the sweetest. Im so excited for their new addition.

Im off to pack for Portland. We leave tomorrow!


8 thoughts on “Navy and Grey … for a new arrival.

  1. These are stunning. I am about to repaint my sons dresser that he used as a little boy and now is a teenager and time for an update. This will be one of my first furniture painting jobs of this size. I love the finishing touch of the paper you use to line the drawers…where would you recommended getting those…is a drawer liner or wallpaper…the patterns are awesome. Love you work.

    • Hi! How fun! I hope you enjoy your project. You can get paper anywhere… wrapping paper, wallpaper, scrapbook paper, old books, etc. Use anything that you think will compliment the piece and you will enjoy looking at. 🙂 Have fun!

    • Hello! I do offer shipping but only on my handmade candles. My furniture pieces are local (Washington) only at this time. But I have considered looking into shipment on them as well… but probably further in the future. 🙂

  2. Hi!!! I wanted to let you know that I’m love all your pieces!!! and your photography is amazing. Thats also one of my passions as well as redo furniture on the side. I was wondering…do you order the spoon flower wallpaper or the gift wrap?

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