My love for The Real Milk Paint Co.

I am so excited to share some details of a few products that The Real Milk Paint Co. sent me! First I have to say… I just love them. Their partnership has been beyond what I ever imagined. I was first contacted maybe two years ago and offered a sponsorship for one of my Milk Paint 101 classes. It was such a generous offer. I think its really valuable especially in a class of that nature to have a ton of product to play with. I teach my classes from my perspective, things I have learned, tools I find valuable. Its important for me to share a process that I feel saves me time, money AND patience. I stress the importance of trying a lot of product and making mistakes. Milk Paint takes time to learn and master, and is still a process unlike any other paint. Making those mistakes will make you a better painter and artist. This time around The Real Milk Paint Co. had some new products that they are rolling out and I got a chance to test them. This kick started a inspiration surge last week like no other. Which was a good thing, it being the week of Black Friday and Small Business Saturday I had a store to fill (and still do!).


They sent me a number of colors..some old favorites that are my staple colors and some NEW ones I had never tried (along with Hemp Oil, Chippy Paste, 3 different waxes, t-shirts, bags, brushes, etc.) . They have a great line of new Blue Tipped brushes that paint like a dream and come in 3 sizes. I love the small detail one. I used it the most on a buffet I did and it minimized the brush strokes beautifully. If you are not familiar with their paint packaging, it comes with the bag of powdered paint inside, and a small marble. You add equal parts water (start with just a 1/3 of the bag), seal and shake well. It creates a really nice thick foam. This is my favorite part! The brushes bristles are close together and thick, so the foam rests on top of the brush which makes the application flawless.


Another great product that is new is a “Chippy Paste”, we played with this in class and it seems to do a great job a repealing the paint in the areas that you have applied… for those of you that love chippy furniture, this is a great way to obtain that look. I encourage you to play with this and let me know what you think! I plan to try it on a larger piece to get the full effect.

Finally one product that I am SUPER excited to talk about is their new Soft Wax… I am willing to admit that I am very picky about wax. Especially over Milk Paint! I look for a few things… it needs to go on smoothly with a rag (a simple process, like applying lotion), I like to gauge how much of the color it will change (some wax can drastically change the original color), and finally a CLEAR finish… a lot of wax can create a white or foggy haze over that pretty color and change your finish. I have to say this wax blew me away. I love it. I think I may have over shared my love for it in my class. I was sent a full can, and used it on 4 large pieces… I still have half a can but I will be bugging them soon to buy more to add it to my stash of favorite products. Well done RMPC!

Here are a few pieces I did the past week before my class… (I had to test colors of course ;))

The first is in Stillwater Cove Grey sealed with their NEW Soft Wax.




This is painted in Earth Green and sealed in their NEW Soft Wax.



And this one is Arabian Night, I sealed this one in a dark brown wax. ( I like to do this over all my black painted pieces… it deepens the hue of the wood and paint for a more seamless finish).




A huge THANK YOU to The Real Milk Paint Co.for your continued support and generous sponsorship. This class was so fun and each person left with 2 cans of paint, brushes and other goodies!

Hope you are having a great week!

*All content in this post is my true opinion and I was not compensated to share my thoughts. I just really love it and know you will too! Enjoy!