New Dresser and Pumpkin IS BACK!

I finished up a empire dresser this week, in one of my favorite colors. I had posted on Instagram that I was planning to paint an empire this week in this blue/green shade.. and although I did paint an empire, its actually not the one that I had in mind. See I pulled a muscle in my back (at least thats what the doctor and I think happened) over the past few weeks I have been slowly getting better. My oldest was in her first Summer camp and a friend had offered to take my youngest to lunch and ice cream since he ADORES her daughter. So I had the afternoon to paint… I can’t remember the last time I was alone. If you are a mom you know that there is so much truth to this. I don’t sleep alone, shower alone, or eat alone. I am okay with that at this stage because I know that it won’t last forever (read my pervious post on the Cheetos/crying sesh. soon to come). But I will take a free afternoon… and even though my back was literary spasming, it was still glorious.  I did however opt for the closet dresser that did not involve lifting… so I  have another that has a little more of a unique size and proportion. This one was closer and easier to get to at the time… so I went for it. Priced at $398 and available at the shop!



On to other news… PUMPKIN IS BACK and I have a special treat in store! Order online for Pre-Orders (to be ship end of August)  and receive free shipping for all orders over $20 using code: FREESHIP. You can actually use this on all candles so if you have others that you would like to add to the order, please feel free. No limit! 🙂 Code will expire in one week on the 13th. I am so excited for these, they are always a favorite!