Blue Hues and Back to School.

I am on a totally new wave length this week. My youngest son started Kindergarten which leaves me for the first time in 8 years kid-free. I have to tell you, I think I may have cried 28 times since pre-school ended… just anticipating this week.


I have also realized two things… when left alone, I eat like a college frat boy (this is no lie) and when moms go to Target without children its pure bliss. But, as I sit here on Friday with the worst of it behind me, I will admit that it wasn’t as heartbreaking as I was amping myself up for. We live in a really small town (class sizes are roughly 22 kiddos), teachers email you daily if needed, and the principle is the most kind hearted person that knows everyones name and is very present. So I knew he would be in good hands. Plus being my youngest he really came with me a lot to the school to help out the last 3 years, so my little shy boy has been moving along fairly well. And although I went to lunch nearly every day this week to check on them, had dinner done by 2pm and cleaned my house 7 times… Im doing well too. About mid-week I gave myself a pep talk… I get to work! I get to create! All while being guilt-free that Im not giving them my full attention. So that has been a little freeing. I mailed out orders, and painted not one but TWO pieces this week…in day time hours.

The first was a cabinet that I found. It had been well loved and repurposed. The back side has been removed and turned into a small bookshelf, while the front was painted shut. So it does not open…. but my idea for this piece is really for an entry, a cute place to store keys, flowers and maybe a candle. While the backside could hold all the magazines or library books that you want close but not out in the open. I updated the paint and added a new knob. This one is imperfect… as most pieces are… but its a cutie and I like it. Priced at $180 to locals.


My second piece was a little more involved.. I needed to be creative this week so I reached for Artissimo by Miss Mustard Seed Milk Paint. I love this color, I have used it several times and each time I am in awe of the pretty blue hue. I bought this piece from my Mother-in-law, it had pretty orange wood and drawers on the inside (which I love to paper). I found a color in my paper stash that matches perfectly. I think my favorite detail is the little piece of wood at the top of the door opening, so of course I had to paper that too. I am taking both pieces to the shop with me tomorrow!



I have some really exciting things in the works for this site, my business and what I am planning to offer, so stay tuned for that. I don’t want to give anything away… and some of it might take a few months while the others are going to happen very soon. All in all though… its going to be fun!  I feel like I am finally able to get some things started that people have been requesting and I have not had time for until now!

P.S. I have my next Furniture Painting 101 coming up on Oct. 1st. This one is extra special as its being held at Pottery Barn of Bellevue. So if you are local to the Seattle/Tacoma area…. this is a wonderful class to take. I bring in vintage chairs that you will paint (and keep!), all materials (paints, sandpaper, rags, brushes) will all be provided. And I hear that they are providing some special treats. This is not one to miss! Sign up by clicking the “shop” button on the menu above.


Have a wonderful weekend!