The Real Milk Paint Co. Class

I feel like the last month was on super speed.  One of my biggest goals is to blog about each piece (or at least the big ones) that I do. But the reality is that I just don’t always find the time. I really wanted this post to be a sort of recap of a few pieces that I have done in the last few weeks since my last post and maybe I will add some photos near the end but I have something a little more exciting to talk about. I started teaching painting classes at my friend Alison’s shop in North Tacoma (The Modern Cottage Company). The idea came from a paint demo I did when she launched a new product from the General Finishes paint line. That night we sat around and thought of how fun it would be to offer a variety of different classes right there at the shop.  I jumped on board right away, as I tend to do and loved the idea of running the classes. I would have to stand in front of people and teach though, which made me a little nervous… but I was so looking forward to the amazing opportunity. I knew that if I did classes I would want a very personal spin on it. I believe the painting is art of perception. Just like canvas painters, furniture painters have a wide variety of knowledge, tools, products, likes, dislikes, tips, tricks, opinions and taste. So I wanted this class to be my perception. What works for me…because really there is a million different ways to do anything. I also wanted to make sure that the pressure of following the rules was taken out of the class. A lot of painting is experiential. The best painters I have known are the ones that try new things constantly and push the limits of the instructions. Knowledge of your paint and tools are so important but tapping into your creative (and rule breaking) self is crucial.  I partnered with Real Milk Paint Company for my  first milk paint class and to say I was thrilled would be can understatement. I first tried RMPC a few years ago when I was heading into my first retail store and I wanted to try something completely new and different. 20 pieces and a two month deadline… Perfect time to pick up a paint you have never used. Right? And to my surprise I actually fell in love right away! Something about the experience had me hooked. So for them to approach me about sponsoring the class was a true honor.  Not only is their pant amazing they just changed their packaging to a fun modern design. I am such a sucker for good branding. This paint comes as a powder, traditional milk paint form in an easy to mix convenient container. It was hard for me to narrow down colors, there was so many good ones to choose from. After a lot of thought I settled on Lilly Pad, Honeysuckle, Parchment, Oyster Grey, Mustard, and Black Iron. 


In the mix of products they sent was also Bunishing Paste in Dead Flat, Low Sheen and Espeesso. This stuff was so smooth and easy to worth with and gave a really pretty finish! The class seemed to enjoy the mixing process and the coverage was great. Most people were able to apply just two coats to their projects. I have to say this company has been a joy to work with and I am so excited to try my own hand at a few pieces! 

One of the best parts of these classes are the people they bring! I’m so grateful for the chance to meet such lovely ladies. These two were an instant connection for me. Don’t you just love when that happens? They were so kind, supportive and excited to be there. The entire group was just fun! Love them!


I brought in some old crates, and vintage pieces to use to play with the paint. Here is Lilly Pad! 


This piece was Parchment (absolutely perfect light grey you will ever find!)


 I have some custom projects in my schedule this week but I am hoping to paint a dresser in Parchment or a Oyster Grey… I’m itching to get my hands on these Perfect shades of grey.  I will be posting my process!   Thank you again to The Real Milk Paint Co. For your generosity and support! 

As promised here is a few pieces from the last few weeks…