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12 thoughts on “Shop

  1. I just got in here to sign up the class on August. It’s not here! Is it full?
    Connie. 😁

    • Hi Connie! Sometimes when I post more than one class at a time, everyone signs up for one class and then I may have 1 or 2 people in the other. In this case the July class is almost full and I have no students for the August class. I took it down in hopes to fill the July class before I repost the August. However if you are unable to make the July class I totally understand. We can register you in the August class! Go ahead a purchase the July class on my site and I can list you under the August date in my books and I will add the class later this evening. Unless you can make the July class which would be great too! Let me know what works best. Thank you so much and I look forward to meeting you! 🙂

    • Hello! I have taught 3 classes. Painting 101 is a basics class, we work with General Finishes paint and I cover what to look for, how to prep, paint application, options to seal, all the tips + tricks to make the process go smooth and some other product suggestions. Its a great class. Milk Paint 101 is the next class that is really more of an advanced class or someone looking to learn only about traditional powdered milk paint. This class is great (similar to the first) but more detailed and skill based. Milk Paint is a lot more involved and I cover all the tips on making that work for your project. Lastly I teach a Creative Class where I cover Mod-Podging, lining drawers, tinted wax + glazes, GF Pearl Effects etc. This class is fun and way more craft based. I should have the classes listed come the end of Fall or first part of Winter. This time of year is a little busy for me so I take a small break. You can check back then or email me to get more info. Thank you so much. Hopefully that helped. 🙂

  2. Hello-
    I would love to come to your milkpain and creative workshops. I live out of the area in Truckee California, have you ever thought about doing a Weekend workshop? 2 days consecutive? I hope someday I can make it work out to come see your shop and take a class!
    Love your work to pieces!
    Lynn Redner

  3. Can’t make the March class as out to f town so please let me know when there will be an April class – I might have a couple extra people interested

  4. trying to order your tea lights, how do i do it as I can’t find any on your website? Thank You

    • hi there! They are not available (yet) on my site but I would be happy to process your order directly if you would like to email me at I have the tea lights available in all of the scents listed below the regular candles. I typically sell in groups of 10 and provide a muslin bag with each 10 you order. Let me know if I can answer any questions! Thank you!! 🙂

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