Simple white dresser.

Every Tuesday, Aiden and I drive to visit my grandparents. We take them to lunch and stop in to our regular two thrift stores to find treasures. Aiden usually gets a book or toy, while I hunt for furniture or whatever curious thing I can’t seem to live without. Last Tuesday I was really in a hunting mood! On the way to dropping my grandparents at home at the end of our date I decided to quickly run inside to And of course my grandma had a coupon… Of course. 

And there she was. How could I say no! 

Because she’s a bit more ornate, I wanted something simple. Plus I feel like I’m changing. My style in my home has become more bright, clean and I won’t go as far as saying “modern” but just more minimal. It feels good. I went with Snow White by General Finishes because it’s a great smooth, clean finish. That beautiful peach paper is Spoonflower. I can’t stop ordering. Thank god my “job” supports my addiction to paper because I think that’s my favorite part. Unless we are talking knobs…. These pretties are Anthro. I just love them.

I spray primed two coats to block bleed through, sanding between coats. Applied two coats of the GF Snow White and sealed with GF wax. Simple + Classic. 



8 thoughts on “Simple white dresser.

  1. Love it as always. One quick question maybe you can do a post on. Seems you replace the hardware on your gordeous pieces. Do you have a tip as to how to cover up holes in the drawers to replace with new knobs? I always seem to have an issue with patching. Thanks, Karen

    • Hello! Sorry for my delay, I think I missed this comment. I usually fill and sand about 2-3 times and then using a spray shellac will help cover any discoloration under your paint. Hope that helps!

  2. Absolutely Beautiful!!! I love all your paper choices, I can see where that would easily become an addiction 😉 ! I would love it if you joined in on Making Broken Beautiful with some of your gorgeous inspiration! It runs every Thursday thru Sunday over at The Curator’s Collection. I always enjoy your makeovers! I hope you have an amazing week!

  3. Hey Amanda,

    Fellow furniture-painting addict here. My name is Beth. I love you blog. I know you’re busy being a wife and wonderful mom but don’t stop! haha You’re very talented and I love/feel inspired by your work! This piece is wonderful, and brings me back to the realization that painting furniture can be simple and classic. Also, excellent job on your photography and staging. Hope you have a good week!

    • Thank you SO much Bethany! I plan to blog more, I promise!! It’s fun, and gives me a chance to explain more details of each piece. Thank you for your sweet words and for following along! Have a great day! 🙂

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