A tale of 3 pieces

I have had a very busy last week and a half. I completed five projects, yes five…is that crazy? I planned on writing a separate post about each one as I went along but that didn’t happen. Today I thought I would focus on three of them and I will write another post in a couple of days on the other two. Get ready for lots of photos. So first up, is this sweet dresser. I really love to play with dry brushing and solid coverage. It’s a really easy way to add character or highlight details. I used Antique White by General Finishes, which is honestly my favorite option for white. It has a really great creamy tone and paints like a dream. This was another piece I found at a second hand store with my grandma and left it there because it was to much. The next morning I got a text message from the store (yes I subscribe to the sale texts) saying that furniture was 50% off. I called my grandpa and they ran up to snag it for me since I live pretty far. Lucky gal I am! I love these little highboys…I feel like whichever direction I go, it works.

image image image image image

Ok next up is a piece I drove by on my way to ride the ferry with my family. They are such good sports when I flip a u-turn to look at furniture at any given time. They know I just can’t help it. And I’m so glad I did! Not only was it a steal…but it had a sister dresser to match. In 3 seconds flat I knew I wanted both, but I didn’t have room in the car with the kids or cash on hand. I begged the woman to take my ID as insurance that I would be right back with cash. In retrospect that was a horrible idea. Hindsight is always 20/20, I blame it on a furniture pickin brain.  Please tell me you’ve been there before? After finally getting these ladies home I used Confederate Grey from Maison Blanche with a General Finishes top coat. I ended up painting a sweet bench to match in Bliss by Country Chic Paint.

image image image image



Last but not least is the sister to the vanity which is one of those little highboys I love so much. I used General Finishes Persian Blue on this one. These knobs get me every time. When I first bought them, I bought 22… Which still wasn’t even enough. I love bone knobs in any fashion., they go with any color or style and make such a great statement.  I lined the drawers with wallpaper in a really pretty pattern that matched perfectly. I love this one.

image image image image

In the next few days I will write another post on the other two I worked on this week (which I think I have before pictures of one of them). I will leave you with what happens behind me when I’m trying to stage pieces. Crazy monkeys.






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